Thank you so much for clicking on the donations page – we appreciate it.

As a new start-up, The Mighty Pen team decided that we would ask for donations to help us cover our costs while we got off our feet. We also decided if we were going to ask for donations we would tell you how we are going to use any money we raise.

Firstly, to cover our base monthly overheads – primarily, the hosting bills for our shiny website as well as our access to Adobe CC, which we use for Photoshop and InDesign to put our magazine together.

After that, we want to invest in some top of the range file upload software so we can accept not just Word Doc, but also files from artists who are also welcome to submit. At the moment, the current format for uploading will quickly become difficult to manage. So we’ll invest, and set up for the forseeable future.

If you think that is a worthwhile cause, please donate. Our recommended amount is ¬£2.50, and for that, you’ll get a mention on our ‘Special Thanks’ section with the Editor’s Introduction as well as a free copy of the magazine emailed to you.

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