Guidelines and Submission

I know this is the tedious part, but please read this carefully, and if in any doubt contact us at

  • Your submission must be original work.
    • This automatically prohibits the submission of Transformative Works (fanfiction and fanart).
  • Your submission must be previously unpublished.
    • If a piece was previously sent to another magazine or anthology but rejected, then you may enter it here if it fits with the topic and submission guidelines.
    • Putting the piece on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social media counts as previously publishing and would disqualify the submission.
  • You may work in collaboration with other writers or artists.
    • Collaborators must be credited in submission.
  • You must ensure that your submission is edited, spell checked and correctly punctuated. If your work is full of mistakes, it won’t be chosen. Errant commas and the like will be corrected before publishing but spelling won’t be.
    • I would suggest downloading the free edition of Grammarly. It is more in-depth than basic spellcheckers on Word Processors.
  • Please ensure you have read and understood the topic guidelines.
    • Sticking to the theme, genre and word counts is an important skill.
      • It’s also fun to write outside of your usual topics and genres. It allows you to consider new ways of writing which you can apply to other areas of writing.
  • The editor’s decision on publication is final.
    • Your work not being chosen does not always mean it was bad. There are many creative decisions that go into making a magazine. Requests for feedback on unpublished pieces can be submitted via a form on the Request Feedback Page (please note, this page will only be available from 11thSeptember to 30thSeptember)

Your Data

After you have submitted your work to us, it will be stored on The Mighty Pen’s Database. If your submitted work is published, we will retain your details for as long as the magazine exists and for ONE YEAR afterwards. If your work is not published, we will retain the work and your contact details on our database for ONE YEAR.

We will never give your details out to anyone. If an agent or publisher were to contact us about your work, we will always take details from them as pass them on to you so you can contact them in your own time.

If you have any queries, please contact us at

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1 May, 2018 – 31 July, 2018 – Submissions Open

10th September, 2018 – Publication of the First Edition of The Mighty Pen Literary Magazine