September Edition Topic

Lazy Evenings

Is there anything better than a lazy evening? Be it in front of the TV, drinking by the beach in the summer or dozing by the fire in the winter, evenings always have a warm glow about them whatever the weather.

Or do they?

Now is the chance to write about your Lazy Evenings.

There is no genre restriction on this, so if you want to write an autobiography piece about the evening you spent on a beach in Crete with a holiday lover, then go for it. Equally, if you have your favourite fantasy characters relaxing after a bloody battle, then we will be interested to read that as well. Genre-wise, anything goes.

But don’t be afraid to subvert the topic  – a lazy evening gone wrong, or never even getting that desired lazy evening are all fair game in my book.

How To Submit

In addition to the General Guidelines, we ask that prose is between 2500-4000 words long. If you are submitting poetry, then you may submit up to four poems. They can be a sequence or a series of stand-alone poems. It is entirely up to you.

If you are an artist, you may submit up to two pieces of original artwork.

Submissions must be emailed to, with the title of your piece in the subject line.

You will then be requested to fill out a permission form which will be emailed to you so we can correctly log your piece of work. Within the permission form, you will be asked to submit a 250-word biography to accompany your piece if your submission is successful.